Typesetting and Arranging

Typesetting and Arranging

Sempre Music is now able to offer a typesetting/engraving service which encompasses arranging and orchestration.

The arranging service covers the following:

  • Transcription
  • Transposition
  • Typesetting
  • Arranging and Orchestration

All scores should be submitted to Sempre Music as a photocopy and not an original score.  Sempre Music is not responsible for any copyright infringements but can assist with copyright requirements.


Transcription can be made from a piano or instrumental score.  It would be advisable to contact us initially to make sure that the requirements are viable; ie that the new combination of instruments will work as an arrangement from the original stimulus.


Scores can be transposed, ranging from simple vocal or piano parts to larger ensembles.


Engraving or typesetting from an original manuscript.  More complex and symphonic scores should be discussed and negotiated regarding viability and cost.


Per page A4 completed scores.

1-4 Instruments/Voices      £8/page

5-12 Instruments/Voices    £12/page

13+ Instruments/Voices tba

Arranging and Orchestration

For more complex requirements requiring compositional input, the following rates apply:

1-4 Instruments/Voices      £12/page

5-12 Instruments/Voices    £18/page

13+ Instruments/Voices tba

Completed score and parts will be sent by email in PDF format.  Midi sound files can also be included if required.  Hard copies can be supplied at a negotiated rate.

Examples of completed arrangements and compositions can be accessed from this website.


September 2016